If This Pumpkin Were Worth Its Weight In Gold…

Gene McMullen and the Cedarburg Festival winning giant pumpkin.
…it’d be worth $38,953,200! (Give or take some current cost of gold price rounding. Don’t get all technical with me, dude. Not cool.) ANYWAY, THAT’S A LOT OF MONEY! You could buy the world’s most expensive car with that much money!

But as it turns out, pumpkins actually aren’t worth their weight in gold. So really, you couldn’t. Sorry. Bummer city, bro. 😦 Aw, don’t get all sad! Let’s silver lining the shit out of this! According to this randomly selected article, pumpkins are worth $4.73 a pound, meaning that pumpkin’s true value is closer to $10,145.85. THAT’S NOT BAD FOR A PUMPKIN! In fact, with that much money, you could definitely buy a used 2012 Smart Fortwo. Sure, it’s not a Ferrari, but it is a car, a car that just so happens to weigh less than that pumpkin!


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