Watch The 4 Reasons Stevie Wonder Is A Hilarious Goofball

I’ll admit, I haven’t really checked out this James Corden fellow. I’m on a strict one-Britishlate-night-host a year-diet, and John Oliver’s once a week is enough for America to take… for now. That said, we’ll take his “carpool karaoke” series over Fallon’s “lip syncing” (seriously HOW is that entertainment!) ANY day. Especially when it’s with the national treasure, and apparent goofball, Stevie Wonder.  Rarely do segments get funnier and funnier for a whole 10 minutes, no WONDER this was a joy to watch for these 4 reasons:
1. Stevie wants to drive. WTF, STEVIE! You don’t see a problem with that?

2.  Stevie “watches” James Corden all the time with his wife. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, STEVIE! We just can’t see that happenin how you say it does 😉 .

3.  Stevie is blind to the bs. Stevie, you’re trollin us hard, and it’s weird coz we don’t know when it’s appropriate to laugh at your blind jokes. Can we just always laugh WITCHU, Stevie? The only sound better than your laughter is your vocals, and also your ridiculous British accent. (no disrespect to that harmonica)

4. Stevie WILL NOT hear any of your harmonica. On this one, we’re witchu, Stevie. WHO do you THINK you are? Don’t touch that!

Stevie – JUST GO FOR IT, MAN! Whatever, you want! We’ll sing along and laugh away the superstition.

WHAT is that eternal garment Stevie has worn for as long as I can remember. It’s not a robe. It’s not a kimono. It’s not a Dashiki. It’s not an over-sized shirt. WHAT IS IT!

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