FINALLY: McDonalds Breakfast Will Be ALL DAY!

Black Bond? HELL NO! World Peace? HIGHLY UNLIKELY. Waking up in time for McDonalds breakfast… or finding enough time to pass by the golden arches in the morning… or your freshman roommate letting you borrow his car to get it before they close? {YOUR PARENTS GOT YOU THE CAR, JEREMY…YOU ATE ALL MY BACON, YOU SELFISH JACKASS!}

Worry about this conundrum no more! It is history. It is done. The wait is over. Hell – the weight on ALL our morning shoulders is over (although you’ll put on more, now).  Without further adieu, it is our pleasure to bring you the most refreshing news to start, continue, or end your day:

All this the day after my birthday (October 5th, no big-deal BEN, you only forget every year). There IS A GOD… THERE REALLY IS. He loves me… he loves ALL OF US. #TYBG

Haven’t eaten this in years, but it’s good to know it’s THERE, NOW RIGHT?

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