Turnip Tuesday: Kaytranada – “Whateva You Want”

not finished but im never gonna finish it.

That’s just how Kaytranada works, and if you’ve followed us since the radio days, or my high school career – you know we dig that style and work ethic. The Haitian immigrant lurks in the Canadian wee hours of the morning, burning the midnight oil to craft remixes of samples that range from a new-age R&B to a funky techno. The sound ┬áturns nights worldwide into a fusion of audio maple syrup, and… Whateva You Want ;). Join the Turnip and TURN UP!

FY Friday: Lil Wayne – What You Sayin (Busta Rhymes Tribute)

Remember that throwback we did yesterday? Dope right? WHOO-HA! Gotcha all in check!  Lil Wayne seems to agree. He liked it so much he redid the hip hop classic perfectly bringin it to a 2015 Flashback Friday.

Favorite line: “Umma kick somebody in they mouth; MMA”

Excuse the wack dj screams… I’m usually a fan of djs but this dude SUCKS. *paging Khaled*