Watch Dallas Cowboys & Rams Switch To Boxing In Joint Practice

Football season is around the corner, and we’ll take just about ANYTHING at this point… anything but those wack pre-season games (Good luck, Tebow). This South African comes from rugby roots (where the rest of the family played that, besides me liking soccer) so, my image of football has ALWAYS been this. Big Men, in costumes BRAWLIN. THIS IS IT! THIS IS WHAT I PICTURED GROWIN UP.  Sure bone-crunchin hits are here and there –  and sure, Dez, that was a “catch”, and that’s excellence athleticism (Note: Dez caught a quick one in this brawl too). But, if I wanted to see athletes demonstrate their hops and ball handlin skills, I’d watch the NBA.  THIS. IS. FOOTBAAALL! VI-O-LENCE… VI-O… no? Tryna tone that image down? WELP

GUYS… guys… we know we’ve been SUPER SPECIFIC about not punchin the quarterback. That’s our bad… Do we need to be more specific about on-field conduct orrr?

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