Viral Graphic Analysis: The Only Stat That Matters With Jordan And LeBron

Salute to King James. It’s no secret that I’m #TeamLeBron, but we gotta pump the brakes on the standom here. This viral graphic has been flooding timelines since it was announced that Lebron would sponsor college scholarships in his hometown.  That’s very generously thoughtful and we’re a fan of the kindness, but this here is absolute rubbish. Say it with me, now…Athletes/Celebrities OWE US NOTHING. “The only stat that counts” in comparing these two greats is the NBA championships. PERIOD. JORDAN IS 6/6, LEBRON IS 2/4. So, what Jordan and LeBron do with their billion-dollar earned wealth (Jordan – present, LeBron – future) maybe worth celebrating, but can NOT be used in the already fiery age-old debate about the two.

THAT SAID, we might as well air out some…damp laundry. Sorry, I’m not sorry, BEN and all Jordan-worshipers:

1. I still believe LeBron would wax MJ 1-on-1 (bigger, faster, stronger. please shut up – my reasoning is as iron clad as yours).

2.  I would even say Dream Team would get the business from 2014 Olympic Team,

3. and yes… I’m a Pats fan CLEARLY, and I put my coat on when Kearse made that cursed-freak pass, so the Seahawks DEFINITELY should have ran the damn ball!


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