FY Friday: Riff Raff – “TiP TOE WiNG iN MY JAWWDiNZ”

Riff Raff lives somewhere between mythical world of “is-he-for-real?-What’re-we-even-doing-here?” and Planet “I-can’t-stop-watchin… $hit-now-I-like-it”. Lil B The Based God is from this place, for reference. Unlike the humble Based God, Riff Raff is a high roller. So much so, that his alias is in fact, “Jody Highroller”, or “Jody” for short”. So it’s no surprise that women from space are intrigued by his shoe game. Lace your J’s up, and tip toe into the weekend wit this one:

Potato Of The Day Episode 83


This kiwi a gift?
New Zealanders make great pets!
Oh. You meant the fruit.

Don’t eat fruit with a
hairy exoskeleton;
it gets stuck in teeth.

Ancient medicine-
kiwifruit for children’s growth.
Didn’t work for me. 😦

Fun fact on kiwi:
It is otherwise known as
Chinese Gooseberry.

Hark! I spy a ball,
a fuzzy lime testicle!
Never mind. Tastes good!

You ate Gooseberry?
YES! And I’ll eat so much more!
That doesn’t seem smart…

Not fun fact on fruit:
Eat too much – diuretic.
All my pee is green.