Dr. Dre Is Never Ever Ever… Making Detox

It’s official, folks. This has been a long on-going in house debate dating back to the days of the BP Radio Show. One person across the blog who shall remain nameless and wrong, claimed

“it’s because Dre records for himself, and him hearing the music is enough satisfaction for him”

While that self-medication might have done it for the good Doctor, this African didn’t buy it.  I’ve always held the belief that Dr. Dre is a musical megalomaniac partly clouded by cocktail of writer’s block, lack of cultural relevance, and being generally too comfortable in his legendary status to take more risks at tarnishing his place on the producer’s Mount Rushmore (next to Rick Rubin, Timbaland, and Pharrell, Swizz somebody else).

Well in an interview this last weekend on his weekly Beats Radio 1 show, Andre Young let loose of the kracken (Mark 1:20):

So… there you have it. “I just wasn’t feelin it” BUY the Compton Soundtrack. Buy some Beats by Dre earphones (eeeeh). But, want Detox? BYE!


3 thoughts on “Dr. Dre Is Never Ever Ever… Making Detox

  1. I think it’s a good album.. but I still really want to hear those songs See was recording for Detox and judging from those songs he has released over the past five years I think it would have been better than Compton.

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