Watch The World React: SERIOUSLY, How You Gon Kill Cecil The Lion – Real Life Mufasa???

Yesterday, we got wind of the evil of man that hunts lions for sport. The jackass who not only flew halfway across the world to skin, behead, and leave a lion carcass where it lay, but had done this ROUTINELY. We weren’t the only one. The manliest late night show host had no jokes, but disgust that we shared with the rest of the world. Here’s a sample of some folks who agree:

A monster, THAT’S WHO


3rd Base then?

AWWW now… this one just BROKE MY… AWW MAN.

Wait, what? We thought he was last seen with one of his wives. Anyways – that’s Jericho… his homebody for life, whose duty it now is to kill all his homeboy’s cubs, and make new ones with his old ladies. Life – right?

Come on, man. What does Cecil’s recreational activity have to do with him deserving to die just because some asshole felt like it that day?

Yikes… well… i mean… like…

You know when somebody says “I’m so mad, I could cry!”? Jimmy was as close to that as possible in this jokeless monologue. Watch and visit

Update: Unfortunately the full monologue was removed by Jimmy Kimmel Live due to some “copyright” issue.