See Why You Should Revisit The Hood Classic: “Baby Boy”

Before he was chasin down alien humanoids, and ducking Michael Bay’s explosive Transformers, Tyrese was Jody – in John Singleton’s Baby Boy. Yvette (now Cookie on “Empire”) was her ride around town before he got with the Fast And The Furious. While Baby Boy depicted a conflicted young man dealing with the trap of hopelessness in South Central L.A., his best friend and supporting actor Omar Gooding played a phenomenally unapologetic Sweetpea. A ride-or-die homie of Jody’s… living with his girlfriend. AND MOM.

Here’s 5 Reasons You need to watch and appreciate this dynamic and probably the whole movie:

1. Sinuatin – it’s like insinuating, but it’s actually “conspiring”… that’s the word Sweetpea’s looking for. “conspiring”
2. Where does the foot go? We can… INSINUATE (there it is) that its where the sun don’t shine, but given the dynamics of this scene – NO rules apply.
3. “Unstable Creatures” – coz he ain’t gon’ say the “B” word. Such a respectful guy.
4. Strawberry Soda – it’s what you get a guest when they visit. Have some manners, you animals!
5. I’D LIKE TO THANK, MOM – you gotta love the mother more. Without her, the love triangle with her daughter wouldn’t exist. CIRCLE OF LIFE! THAT’S A METAPHOR, right Ben? That’s how those work?
{Ben’s Note: Auto-response. My weekend began after this morning’s commute. My voicemail is full. I’ve got bad reception. Yup.}

Bonus: When the strippers aint at work yet, get some liquor.

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