GOT EEEM: Shaq Is Mercilessly Cyberbullying Scottie Pippen For Our Amusement.

Shaq is enjoying his summer, but does not have Charles Barkley to publicly troll on national TV as he did during the NBA season. So in his time off “gone fishin“, he put out a ‘gram of bait with an interesting debate out there to start off the week:

Scottie beamed on up for the bite. He just can’t get enough of edifying himself as the great we all know he is. But, he poked a very bored bear in literal hibernation:

*sigh* Bad-Boy, Baby. Shaq can’t stop… won’t stop. eh-eh, eh-eh. Nice visual ya got there, Scottie… be a shaaame if somethin were to happen to it:

So Pippen switched guns, and fired at Shaq’s free throw misfires:

Shaq found a life-long chink in Scottie’s armor, and just kept firing, adding a special shout-out to his old endorsement company.

You’re welcome, T-Mobile… witcha wack azz service:

Pip switched guns AGAIN – gotta respect the versatility. Not a weakspot, though. Tim? Kobe? D-Wade? We know who was the most dominant force in all those partnerships. Nice try, Scottie:

Ew… alright if you’re eating dinner. Stop now, and come back later because Shaq whipped out the bunions. Is “” still available?

Okay, Today is Scottie’s 18th Wedding anniversary. So we figured he’d take a break now:

Shaq wasn’t at your wedding. He don’t give AF! Happy anniversary, GIRRRL! Is Scottie MJ’s lady in this scenario? I’m confused. Whatever:

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Scottie earned a come-back for THAT come-back-fact:

Shaq is STILL firing with the photoshop work:

[Will update till Shaq says its over for the gram]

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