Throwback Thursday: M.I.A. – “Bamboo Banga” (Live)

When you think of the album you’re probably thinkin “all I wanna do is *bang bang bang bang*”, and the trailer to The Hangover. BROTASTICALLY basic move. Really. We commend you, to be fair we do too. Why don’t we go a lil deeper in the album. Into the bowels of that thang! Think that scene from The Matrix – the not so good Matrix, but better than the 3rd Matrix Matrix.  Remember when they went into Zion – Where the humans were partying like its 199 (some year we’re unsure of because fighting machines made everyone lose track of time somehow)? Imagine being THERE! That would be dope! Also you’d be living underground like mole-people, but it’s all good because the rave’s awesome. This song belongs on that playlist – that or any festival ever since it was basically made for that vibe. Throw it back to Zion! IT’S A BAMBOO BANGAAAA!


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