Humpday Hymn: Ben Lee – “Catch My Disease”

A friend claimed they had NO IDEA what this song was. Even after I held the “pleeeeeeeease Catch My Diseeeeeease” key for 5 full seconds, which produced a few side-eyes from passers-by on the patio of the restaurant we had lunch from. To them I say, “you’re just jealous I didn’t ask YOU to catch my disease” – and to that friend, I say you’re full of it for two reasons. 1 – my voice is WAY better than Janet’s, and 2 – I think you’re being a¬†contrarian and a jerk! You’re really gonna sit there and tell me, you DON’T remember the 2006 Australian Record of the Year?? COME ON! I’m fine with us not being friends anymore… “coz that’s the way I like it“.


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