FYFriday: Q Tip – Breathe and Stop

“Breathe and stop” was more than just an eclectic banger produced by the immortal J-Dilla!  This was a helpful hint and cruel joke. See, when your older brother djs places and you’re a young high schooler tryna stick your head in the college party-scene pause, carrying his crates of records up and down stairs to and from the car is your only way in. Make yourself useful as he “sets up” the turntables and speakers that you never see him bother with since his other friends are doing all the work for him anyway. In between trips of crates digging calluses into your stubby teenage hands… Breathe and Stop. Enjoy the vibe and Friday!


PSA: Watch And Learn With Russell Simmons Learn What A “THOT” Is

We’ve alluded to this term via one of our FY Friday selection in the past. Frankly this is an urgent PSA. Been getting real tired of giving urban dictionary free traffic, so we figured we’d get this straightened out before going into this weekend in case you see one on the prowl. We’re not sexist here at the BenandSiyaBlog, so understand THOT is not gender specific. Watch and share in the absolute joy as Russell expands his mind with this new jewel he discovers.