App Appetizer: Pocket

The horror when people first see my iFun’s screen is only matched by the horror when they see the the 43 tabs on my Chrome browser, or the suppressed anger in my co-blogger’s voice begging me to clear the 12 unfinished posts in the draft-log.  Checkout the first page, and see if its that bad:

This first App Appetizer is dedicated to reducing the problem, avoiding the horror, and soothing the anger. “When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket.” is their slogan and pretty much explains it. Here’s how it works. If you copy any url from your browser and open the app, it’s ready to gobble it up like:

So instead of that article about Tesla I’ve been meaning to read reloading over and over in my browser for no useful reason, it’s now sitting quietly waiting right above my Uber, Bin Laden, German Shepherd, and Procrastination articles. Hello NSA Watchlist!

Perhaps the best feature of the app entirely is the ability to view all these articles OFFLINE!

This is really important if you’ve got a bus or train ride home to kill (and you’ve already logged your daily BENANDSIYABLOGSHIT read… TWICE), waiting for that delayed flight in terminal B at O’Hare Airport, or sitting at your little cousin’s softball game (Ella’s not that good, she should probably try shot-putting, or the debate team).  Anywho, VOILA! There it is at your fingertips when you wanna read it – and you get load all the “youtube” videos you can meanwhile.

If you happen to be reading this in a dimly lit room, you’re probably not due for a second date. But at least your view at that post will be clearer than your prospects for the next blind date your friend sets you up on. [She likes country, Ben… COUNTRY… like, EXCLUSIVELY. SHE CAME IN COWGIRL BOOTS, man! COME ON!]

So whether its that political article that you wanna read and be mad at later, or that lip syncing video you missed but everyone at works was talkin about, and you wanna check it out later… try to POCKET it on Apple, Android/Google Play , and right on your Web Browser.

Still got 33 tabs on my desktop chrome… 44 on the mobile iOS Chrome app… the hoarding struggle is real.

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