It’s Official, June Is Now Shia Lebouf Month – Rat Tails, And Raps Welcome

We started the month of June with Shia’s motivation. My mans is the gift that keeps on givin so, let’s close it with Shia bussin off the top! Complete with a shout out to our Potatoes Of The Day:

“Still breakin down potatoes, like I’m phuckin Galileo”

Not sure what’s sicker and slicker, that boy’s flow or that rat-tail drapin off his dome. SHOOT-EM, SHIA!

Grand Openin, Grand Closin! Hot-Damn Ya Man, Shia CRACKED the can open again!

That was called recyclin, its allowed in rap, INTERNET! Get off my mans Shia’s SACK! LET THAT BOY BUST HIS RHYMES!

Here are some notable lines from this spoken word worth exploring in depth:

“you can’t really clone me, ‘less you hold me and you fold me”

somebody please get on this, ASAP. There is not enough Shia to go around

“rockin like a novice, but I rock it like a ROCKET doe”

aaahhh, yes Shia! A little alliteration always aids

“this jew dude spews $hit, and the $hit sick”

Shalom, shawty! Take that Temple of Doom, straight from that man’s Crystal Skull!

“so underground in rap, kids call me Tubman”

Harriet Tubman, huh? That’s where we wanna take this?  Well, I guess you lead THIS African to mental freedom sooo let’s overcome!


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