Throwback Thursday: Carlos Santana – Maria Maria (Ft. Product)

When this was a worldwide smash, I was too young to pay much attention to the words (though I memorized them). Today, watching this video back I can’t help but notice a couple things; one – there was another dude in there who sang the song (and that dude was not Carlos Santana, or Wyclef the producer). What happened to that dude? Where’d he go? He killed a worldwide smash then just, VAMOS – gone!
Another thing is the words themselves. The singer paints a picture of a messed up world where the world is facing a huge wealth gap. Then, “Maria on the corner, thinking of ways to make it better”. I don’t know, folks – is Maria considering going into the oldest profession here? That changes what type of song this is entirely then, doesn’t it?


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