FYFriday: Gucci Mane – “Dead People” (Ft. Raury)

Only Gucci can make carryin around cash loads sound like such an ominous burden.  But, as soon as the beat kicks in, you can’t help but hum along to his money-miseries.  Since it’s payday for many of y’all, we’re sure you can relate to the growing pains of voices in your head – tellin you to get this bread. Atlanta newcomer, Raury echoes the Trap God’s sentiments with a rapid-fire flow at the green-spirits. BURRR!


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Is The Dick Cheney Of Car Accidents, But Cooler

Remember when the REAL Vice President of these United States SHOT A GUY IN THE FACE… then when THAT GUY made it out of the hospital, held a press-conference apologizing for being an inconvenience… TO THE CHENEY FAMILY??? That was like… less than a decade ago. Let’s pause and let that sink in…

Anyway, the brahma-bull did the same thing. Except, with his car… and instead of another guys’s face, it was the guy’s mirror. Not sure who was cooler about this, The Rock or the guy that got side-swiped. Anyway let his caption tell it, IF YOU SMEEEEEEEELLELELELELELELELLLLL – what THE ROCK. IS… GRAMMIN:

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Here's a fun story to start your week off… I'm driving to set in my pick up truck – music blasting – I'm singing away like I'm having a one man party in my truck – then I hear a loud BANG. What the hell..? Look in my rear view and see I sideswiped another pick up that was parked in the street and destroyed the side mirror. First thing I thought was, "Aw shit.. someone's not gonna be happy..". I flipped a U-turn and drove back to scene. Just as I got out of my truck a guy was walking across the street to his truck. I said "Sir, is this your truck?". He stopped and stared at me for a good 5 seconds, looked around his neighborhood, looked back at me and "Yes it is. Why?". I said "Well, sorry to tell ya I sideswiped it and knocked the hell outta your mirror and may have done even more damage. You give me your info and I'll leave you mine and I'll take care of everything". He stared at me again, cocked his head sideways and said.."Uhhh.. Are you The Rock?". I said "Yup". He broke out into a huge smile and said "Wow, this is gonna be an awesome story!". I started belly laughing at that, then he started laughing and before you know it we're both standing in the middle of the street pointing to his mirror and laughing like two ol' crazy buddies. I checked back in with him a few days later and he refused to accept any money and said he fixed the damage himself. Want to thank Mr. Audie Bridges of Wakefield, Mass. for being so cool about the whole thing. Life is funny cause you never know who you're gonna run into… and sure as hell never know who's truck you're gonna sideswipe while driving to work.

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If you must be the worst driver on earth… find Audie Bridges’ street because SUPER COOL GUY!

Potato Of The Day Episode 59

fivegrapesHere is a short story about five different grapes.

Once upon a time, a bunch of grapes decided to go on an adventure. After traveling hardly any distance at all, it was decided that the five grapes would stop and share how they felt about the experience. Each grape was given a turn to talk.

The first grape said, “I’m so excited to be on this trip together, grapes! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and I’m surrounded by great company. Today is going to be a great day!” The first grape then smiled and complimented all of the other grapes one by one. The first grape was the sweetest grape and was liked by everyone.

The second grape yelled out, “I’M SUPER EXCITED TOO! THIS IS GOING TO BE DOPEST ADVENTURE EVER! ARE ALL YOU GRAPE DUDES READY TO PARTY WITH ME? WHOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!” The second grape then pumped its fist and tried to high five everyone. The second grape was the most juiced grape and was a lot to take.

The third grape said, “I really, really, really love each and every one of you. I just get so overwhelmed when I think about how wonderful it is that we’re all together. I could just cry. This reminds of me of my mother. Does anyone want a hug? This is all very emotional!” The third grape then started to tear up and tried to hug everyone. The third grape was the mushiest grape and was a little uncomfortable to be near for some.

The fourth grape said, “I can’t believe I’m stuck with you idiots. Where are we even going? The sun is making me far too hot. I don’t much care for this experience at all. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be anywhere. This is the WORST.” The fourth grape then slouched down and pouted. The fourth grape was the sourest grape and was not liked by everyone.

The fifth grape said nothing because it was a grape and grapes can’t talk.

The end.