What Gives Kanye The Biggest Smile, But Makes Woody Harrelson Lose His Erection?

That’s not a click-bait title! Because, the answer lies directly within that lil square you’re about to press play on down there. When David Blaine performs his witchcraft, its usually about the defiance of physics. But, we’ve seen Harrison Ford kick him out of his home when things went too far for his taste.

This time, he visits Jaden Smith’s family, Kanye West (who is for some divine reason hangin out with Woody Harrelson – I’d watch just THAT show), and those guys from Breaking Bad (which I’ve not see a single shot off for some reason). Woody Harrelson’s reaction is – as the title suggests – “well I just lost my erection entirely”. That’s the punchline, but the build-up and foreplay is the real… meat here. If seeing the rare mythical creature that is a Kanye smile is your thing, watch this and lose it like everyone does at the plot-twist:


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