Monday Mood: Led Zepellin – Dazed and Confused

Current situation for sure. The droggy drawl of the bass guitar dragging its dead feet on every damned stroke? The yoddling yelps of a young Robert Plant yearning for the eventual yawn at the end of every yucky bar? The altogether lazy alliteration laying amicably long after likability?  That’s all the definition of this Monday, and the feeling of staring at a slow-turning ceiling fan and wondering “what will come first – insanity, or the rendezvous of the sweat on this Gatorade bottle with the surface of the table it slowly drips towards?“.

If you can think of a more Monday song, or you believe “Stairway to Heaven” is a better Zep song, then PHUCK YOU you should probably just shut your trap music since nobody asked you. You’re clearly dazed and confused. #NAILEDIT


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