FYFriday: Toby Keith – “The Taliban Song”

I know the Taliban is the evolution of the rag-tag Mujahadeen that is the Frankenstein of Cold-War Era Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. I know that. I also know Afghanistan is seperated from ISIL/ISIS activity in Syria by at least two countries (Iran/Iraq) and a half a decade.  I know this. I also know that ISIL/Daesh is the Frankenstein of post-Saddam Iraq and a jaded Al Qaeda leadership with lack of creativity. I know, I know!  But it’s Friday, in America.  As such, after this afternoon’s ABSURD news that was admittedly one of my favorite pieces to write and deconstruct,  let’s take a flashback to a nostalgic time when we could all cheer behind a one-dimensional narrative of sending a lil shock-n-awe after THE TALIBAN!


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