Long Live Colbeard, And The New Late Show Bandleader

A couple of weeks ago we said goodbye to the late-show legend, David Letterman. Lurking in the shadows was the (apparently) pipe-smoking, fork-and-knife hot dog eatin man attached to the Colbeard via his face.  Stephen Colbert is hard at work getting the revamped Late Show rolling with a new list of familiar Late Night “Show Needs“.  Seen in the background, some of these include “Cameras“, “Things to say“, “more things to say“, and a  “FRYER“. This African’s all-in already, folks! If you need some convincing, watch the clip yourself. If you’re a millenial, leave some suggestions

High up on that list should probably have been a “band leader”. Letterman had Paul for 30+ years, Fallon’s got the legendary Roots crew.  It’s necessary in this format.  Well Stephen introduced a new friend of the show this morning!

Jon Batiste is a New Orleans jazz/soul multi-instrumentalist.  He’s only 28 years old, but with the charisma he displayed on his appearances on the Colbert Report – no wonder Stephen went ot New Orleans to recruit the guy himself.

Batiste comes as part of a package deal: While he will be the bandleader, he’ll be backed by his current band, which includes a saxophonist and a percussionist, as well as a tubist. Known together as Jon Batiste and Stay Human, the band formed shortly after Batiste graduated from Julliard.

Checkout a piece of Batiste and Stay Human on stage


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