DAMNIT, SHIA! Why You Got The Internet Goin’ Nutz?

In case you haven’t been paying attention to this legend, Shia Labouf has been pursuing tutelage in the Fine Arts for the better part of the last two years.  Between silent hour long interviews, his head full of baggy tricks denouncing fame, and general phuckery of the last 2 years culminating in his latest ploy, it’s clear Shia has dove balls-deep into the theatrics.

You just don’t get it. That’s okay, you’re only Human! But, Shia’s got you covered. In his latest project, he fires off some motivation bars that would make Tony Robbins, get up and wrestle Hulk Hogan! Watch the video… JUST DO IT!

So that was a minute excerpt of the 30 minute tirade in front of a green screen. That’s ALL the internet needed. In a matter of hours, we’ve found Shia in some troubling and self-doubting circumstances to give that little push:

When the Führer had 2nd thoughts on his Polish quest for the 3rd Reich, Shia was there.

Steve Jobs Stanford Graduation Speech? Psssh. F That Noize! TED Talks. You Are. Not. READY.

What came first, Shia or Nike?


Do you want to find that missing nose, baby? Do you REALLY WANT TO?

Lil Brotivation at the gym goes a long way, Broseph Stalin!


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