Top 5 Cavaliers Celebration Videos Annotated With A Letter To Owner Dan Gilbert

Lebron James has a self-imposed ban on his social media and phone during the playoffs. Which is why he uses his wife’s phone to whisper sweet nothings to his BFF like we referenced before.  The rest of his teammates have NO SUCH self-deprivation! They will have their playoff cake AND eat it too, and sometimes that is to our amusement.  Here are 5 times we turnt up with them, but had a thing or two to note about it…

Source: J.R. Smith’s Instagram
Song: Flicka Da Wrist
Note: The Cavs may be hot, but Kendrick Perkins knees clearly need to chill in the background (replay and see). Take Several Seats, Perk! Flick some bengay on those joints.

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Source: J.R. Smith’s Instagram
Song: “That’s My Shit
Note: Lebron’s jacket has too many zippers. Even if they did win Bulls, and were ready to go bird-hunting.

Source: Iman Shumpert’s SONG & Gram
Several Notes: (1) Shump’s Caption would make ya think this is just some tune the young songstress picked up randomly at games. BUT NO! It’s an original by none other than…
(2) Iman Shumpert is out here rappin!? Oh LAWD. Take several seats, sir. Then get up, the team needs you on the court. Do ya thing, I just don’t imagine any of the teammates turnin up to this tune. Maybe some mindless blogger will lazily toss it up for their #TurnipTuesday series one day.

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Still turnt and the tub cold as Hell

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Source: Iman Shumpert’s Instagram again
Song: “F*** Up Some Commas
Note: Iman’s like “Perk, where ya at?”. Perk’s like “bruh, my knees”. GOOD, K.Dot… GOOD. Took our advise from earlier in this post. Rest up, champ.  You can phuck up all the commas ya want in July.

Source: The Gram
Song: “I Get Knocked Down
Note: Nothing like redemption after rejection.  No matter what happens in the finals where they will be forced to play in a Klay stove, and undoubtely stewed with Curry, 2nd Chances are great – especially when you get to prove your doubters wrong.


NOTE: This did NOT happen! Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, you owe Lebron James YOUR LEGACY as a Franchise owner now! No question about it. Best decision you made TWICE, and if “The Decision” was a bad idea, your letter was EVEN WORSE (except for some reason nobody held YOU accountable for that!).  You promised Cleveland you’d make a championship happen before he got his. Now he’s back with two and takin you BACK to the Finals after you couldn’t make a SINGLE playoff run in his absense. If the Cleveland Cavaliers win this championship (or even the NEXT), a minority ownership stake for your greatest asset ever (besides you know… your Quicken Loans shares among other things) is not a far-fetched expectation. You owe Lebron James that much, besides – it’s just good business for you to partner up with another future billionaire, right?


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