How Houston Rockets’ Blasphemous Tweet Sealed Their Fate

You’re writing checks than your a$$ can’t cash. You bit more than you could chew. Your mouth is bigger than your stomach. You’ve got an appetitie for self-destruction, lads! No matter how you put it, the Houston Rockets have made a big big sacrilegious mistake. Not just for the eventuality of their demise in the current series, but possible for the near future.  Lil B The Based God warned Rockets star James Harden of his sins:

The MVP runner-up fail to heed the based warning by continuing the unauthorized “cooking dance” without acknowledging Lil B last night in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals:

No Fear Of God
No Fear Of Based-God

To keep his team afloat in the on-slaught he dropped an amazing 45 points to delay the statistically inevitable defeat despite the 3-1 series going back to Golden State’s Oracle Arena next. Who will be in attendance at the Oracle Arena you ask?

Why will The Based God bother when the series is in all likelihood an assured victory for the Warriors? In his own words, It Was Written:

It seems the Houston Rockets are not in the least shaken up about this clash of titans, as evidenced by these stupid, and utterly wreckless franchise-ending words posted in the heat of the Rockets’ Game 4 ascent:

Houston fails to realize that the last guy who dared to diss the Based God, is now recovering from injury, and is still ringless with little chance of such in the near future. Know who that guy is? A lil MVP that sealed their own fate a while ago:

career suicide

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