Hey Siya, Are You Scared Of Ice Cream Cone Eating Cats?

Another day, another reason not to be afraid of animals. Siya once wrote a cute little post on a cat that mimics other animals, flaunting it as proof of the upcoming animal apocalypse. Well, this is a cat eating an ice cream cone and listening to techno music. That is an absurd sentence to type, but that’s exactly what this is. This is a video of a feline caught in the throes of frozen milk and synthetic bass-line ecstasy.

Now, when I think of impending doom and inevitable revolution, I certainly don’t picture DJ MilkTreat as being the downfall of humanity. That animal isn’t uprising. That animal can’t even be bothered to step up the energy when the beat drops. That animal is more likely to get diabetes and lose a foot than it is to conquer mankind with its sandpaper tongue. Look at that thing! There’s no way that gluttonous fur-ball has world domination on it’s brain-freeze ridden brain.

If all I need to stop an animal from uprising is a quick pop-off at the nearest Taco Bell and/or Dairy Queen, I think I can manage. I mean it’s not like I’m getting in a knife fight with a carrot here. Unless I wake up tomorrow to find myself miraculously transformed into a waffle cone, I think I’ll be fine.



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