Watch Waka Flocka’s Ingenius Riot Management That Worked

“Yall two mothaphuckas, HUG!”

The mosh-pit is a staple for rowdy performers. There are ambulances and EMTs on stand-by as bruises, kicks to the face, and generally irrational violence comes with the territory when you go “Hard In The Paint” with 50 Cent’s DJ Whookid on a “Turn Up Godz” tour.  So those are the LAST words you expect to hear at such an event, we’re right there with ya.

Video Description: Waka Flocka and DJ Whoo Kid have been on the road for 3 months now for the “Turn Up Godz” tour. Last night in Scottsdale, Arizona was especially turnt! You never know what to expect from Waka, and he randomly loves mingling through the crowd to interact with the fans. Well two fans started to square up in the crowd, and Waka played the role of a big brother. He stopped rapping to put the two dudes in the corner, and broke up the fight! Never a dull moment for Waka & Whoo Kid! POW!

Maybe that Waka For President 2016 campaign has a strategy worth looking into both in domestic and foreign peacekeeping. Looking at YOU, Baltimore/Fegurson & Middle East!


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