Watch 4 Reactions To 4 Time Superbowl Winning Deflategate Troubles

{If you get nothing else from this post, you should leave with some perspective what Deflategate means to New England, the NFL, and the integrity of the great game of Football from THIS Comprehensive Site aptly named “YOURTEAMCHEATS.COM}

Four is the magic number for this hammer NFL dropped on the Patriots this week. 4 Game Suspension upon Tom Brady the beginning of next season. This after winning his 4th Superbowl by 4 Points. How many quarter-millions were the Patriots fined? 4 of them, adding up to $1 Million Dollars.  In a beautiful ending to the suspension, guess who the first game back is for the future Hall of Famer?  Thaaat’s right, Indianapolis Colts. If you recall, that’s the same crew that raised concerns of losing due to cheating via deflated footballs to start this whole fiasco. Good for them, that 45-7 loss really deflated their hopeful spirits of breaking the domination streak Tom Brady has had over them since 2012.

Until then, join us in laughing at the  ridiculousness of punishing a QB for “tarnishing the integrity of the game” – a favorite phrase for all Patriot haters to chant from their high horses (not you Colts fans, that horse ain’t so high… its a pony Bellichick routinely spanks for kicks). A game where EVERY SINGLE TEAM CHEATS, routinely – but nobody cares because they miserably fail to gain an advantage FROM the said cheating. Yea, the “integrity” of THAT game.

“Well, they wanna win real bad. ITS FOOTBALL! When its your turn to use the rules, use them against the other team. When you wanna do somethin wrong in order to win, just do THAT…”

[Why is this so hard to understand?]

Oh Gronk. Every time you flex a terrorist changes their mind and worldview. Gronk is AMERICA… and America is Gronk.

We smoked em, just like we did the colts, Go find (?) ya selves

-Signed Every Single Patriot Fan #IgnoreTheNoize #PATSnation

Acted Alone… all of us. We feel Matt Damon’s pain. HA!


*Insert Your Team Name Here*
*Insert Your Team Name Here*

Jon Stewart went on and on with the perfect conclusion that summarizes who the last reaction is by and for. EVERYONE –  EVEN YOU, PRECIOUS!

ITS ALL OF YOU FOR FREAKIN THE PHUCK OUT! Like Louis said above, “ITS FOOTBALL!” YALL THE CUTEST… see you when we decide to cheat better step it up a notch to another Superbowl.  You realize that’s all this has done, right? You realize now, that Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick are more determined than EVER to make him the ONLY QB in history with 5 Superbowls? Patriots owner Robert Kraft and the entire organization are behind that goal, if only to make Roger Goodell bow down and hand us one more trophy after his debauchery. By the way, YOU’RE GONNA HELP! Someone on your team is dying to make it happen for the New Evil England Patriots. “Why would they do that, Siya?” Aaah young skywalker, You need to ask yourself “Is there a single free-agent that wouldn’t die to be part of their legacy?” (ask Darrell Revis) Otherwise, we’ll just settle for dominating our division like we do EVERY YEAR.

PEACE! 2 Times… That’s 4, Folks 😉


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