Potato Of The Day Episode 33 – Potato Noir Part VIII

taeostewpotI need another drink. The lounge’s lights reach out after me, trailing behind in the reflective splashes of puddled precipitation, longing ghosts glowing out against the night. I force myself on, leaving the past to whither, knowing well it’ll never die. The address dispatch had for me isn’t far from here, an old Victorian building on Fascia Street, converted into one room studios, simple solutions for the young, single, and artistically inclined.

I announce my arrival with a sturdy knock, repocketing my fist after three raps. Best not to keep the shake in plain sight. I hadn’t noticed it at the lounge, but then again, I had no conscious control over my eyes. A women fitting the description answers the door. I ask for Sweet Potato and get no reply. I tell her I’m a cop, and ask her name. She introduces herself as Taeo Stewpot, her eyes shifting back inside. Says she’s busy and can only spare a little time. This isn’t my night.

I ask her if she knows a women by the name of Sweet Potato. She asks why? I tell her about the murder, explaining she might have some information that could help us catch the guy. Some spark of recognition ignites in her eye. Asks me to hold on a minute. Comes back holding some envelopes. Claims Sweet Potato was the tenant before her. Shows me a letter. Says she wishes she could be more help. But before I can ask anything else, she leaves me with the stack of mail and closes the door. For a second, I think I see her hesitate, but sounds of muted laughter from beyond her door erases that thought.

Another dead end reached, I reverse I head back to my place. I need to refuel my slowing brain. The bourbon feels like hours ago, its taste still ringing, but its buzz having long ago died. The Russet, Madam Crinkélcute, and Sweet Potato, a Bermuda love triangle. Everyone lost. One heartbroken. One dead. One missing. And me. Where do I fit into all of this?

I run back through the meeting at Fascia Street, my mental VCR scanning through the grain and noise, searching for inconsistencies. Her questioning doesn’t sit right with me. She’s holding something back. I can feel it. But what am I missing? With such a brief encounter, it all seems plausible but incomplete, road construction failing to fill a pothole. Taoe Stewpot… what are you hiding? I stare and drink, willing the truth forward, a séance for the cold trail. That’s when I look back at the pile of junk mail and it hits me, an epiphany in rhythm with the rising feel-good of a finished drink. That tricky bitch. I was an idiot for not noticing sooner.

Of course it felt like she was holding something back. Her entire existence is a lie. Taoe Stewpot, a name so rigid and forced, so unnatural, it could have only come from lie. It’s a pathetic attempt at a pseudonym, born in the desperate froth of an uncreative mind. A simple anagram. Taeo Stewpot… Sweet Potato.

I grab my coat. This time she’s mine.

Humpday Hymn: Janelle Monae – Tightrope

Halfway through finals week?  You might be on either side of the fence about it, but you’ll be fine. That’s why we named this on-going series “Humpday Hymns”. Its all about sing-alongs to get you through the no-mans-land of the week by the time you press-play again.  So whether you’re high or low, and get up on ya tippy-toes, and chime on in on the tightrope! Now go back to studying!

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Watch 4 Reactions To 4 Time Superbowl Winning Deflategate Troubles

{If you get nothing else from this post, you should leave with some perspective what Deflategate means to New England, the NFL, and the integrity of the great game of Football from THIS Comprehensive Site aptly named “YOURTEAMCHEATS.COM}

Four is the magic number for this hammer NFL dropped on the Patriots this week. 4 Game Suspension upon Tom Brady the beginning of next season. This after winning his 4th Superbowl by 4 Points. How many quarter-millions were the Patriots fined? 4 of them, adding up to $1 Million Dollars.  In a beautiful ending to the suspension, guess who the first game back is for the future Hall of Famer?  Thaaat’s right, Indianapolis Colts. If you recall, that’s the same crew that raised concerns of losing due to cheating via deflated footballs to start this whole fiasco. Good for them, that 45-7 loss really deflated their hopeful spirits of breaking the domination streak Tom Brady has had over them since 2012.

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