Top 10 Reactions To The Mayweather/Pacquiao Mega Fight

What do you get when you mix the fight of the century, Instagram, and creative mobs that pick apart every part of the fight? A feeding frenzy of something petty and hilarious, something funny, something true, and general bafoonery that lives breeds on social media instant reactions.  Let’s scroll through some, shall we?

Well you say that but, there are judges for a reason… three of them. All three (and most unofficial scorers) agreed on the undeniable numbers of thrown and landed punches. End of story.

Y’all so petty! Why would you bring the jigga-man into this? He’s just here to enjoy the fight, let the man live!  Besides, like Bey said “of course sometimes it goes down when there’s a billion dollars in an elevator“. #OffThat

You know something about the Big Sean break-up we didn’t, Isaac? We take it this is a jab at Floyd’s defensive tactics over flashy brawlin… fair shot.

I have a feeling Jaden will find ways into posts for no reason… like here. Well here its the pettiness of pointing out Floyd’s black, and Manny, Asian. Lazy, but fiiine. You gets the “like” from @benandsiyablog.

Bittersweat, you get the double-tap for goin a level deeper, and acknowledging that Denzel is a character-actor who dives deep into his characters’ looks, mannerisms, and styles. The rest of the internet let Zel have it. You think you can do this to HIM? YOU JUST LIVE HERE!

*drops mic, and shMONEY dances*

Am I the only one who’d see the $hit out of that?

Oookay. Topical, and timely on bringing the Baltimore Riots “Hero Mom” in on this. But, this one’s tricky and/or layered for too many reasons that are joke-killers. Movin on.

The “Digital Girl Remix” featuring Drake and Ye was FIRE, but America did NOT appreciate Foxx pullin that kinda stunt with The Star Bangled Banner.  They made themselves heard!

More jabs of Mayweather’s defenses.  This one’s deeper though. After a weekend of divided opinions on the fight, and individuals that tore us all apart – maybe we need to take a cue from these fighters. Let’s just hold each other for a minute, while we let $hit cool off. Cool?

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