Watch This No-Joke Nuclear Fox MAKE A SANDWICH

We, as humanity, have made some mistakes in the past. They’ve resulted in catastrophes nearing biblical proportions, like the meltdown of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Today in already troubled Ukraine, like a four legged, cunning phoenix out of the radioactive ashes, has risen a creature.  This critter has been comfortably living where all humans deemed it too dangerous to survive, and mooching off of hard-working human sympathy from folks like you and me – that’s strike two and three right there, Foxy!  “Showing no signs of fear…delighted at (free hand outs)… it took them ALL! ALL!! ALL!!!” according to the tea-and-crumpets lady.

Now folks, I’ve been accused of beastophobia on this very blog – among other public and dinner settings.  I’d like to address that RIGHT NOW! I’ve been friendly to, and petted many-a-dogs in my life. That’s a fact! Who’s leg they hump is none of my business. But, when you start living in nuclear-wastelands, plotting Anubis-knows-what with the rest of your furry kind – I’VE GOT CONCERNS! Then, when you show training that rivals our best human sandwich artists, you’re a full on threat to international security!  What does the fox say? We may never know, but we know what he does – and that’s stockpiling for an animal uprising.


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