Potato Of The Day Episode 23

"TATER" by MCS - Oil pastel on card stock.
“TATER” by MCS – Oil pastel on card stock.

This photo is a gift sent from a reader, but it’s also an artwork, a response and replication of another artwork, casting shadows, altering the consumption of said artwork, an oil sketch, in turn a response to my own artwork, written interpretations of potatoes, episodic and stacked streams of consciousness, in turn a response to nature’s artwork, the humble, but glorious, potato.

At what point does art cease to be art? At what point is art reality? Do the images in our heads match the truth, the genuine physical world? Is the physical world any more genuine than the world that lurks within the mind’s eye? Do our dreams align with laws of physics? Did you read this text as I intended you to interpret it? If all you ever see is an interpretation of an object, can you understand that object? What if this was your first experience with a potato? Would you appreciate this potato more or less? Would you be able to say you understood what a potato was? Does this even count as a potato? Does it matter that I’ve labeled it a Potato Of The Day?

The shadows that rise from the corner of the photo, do those shadows have a message for us? Do they hint at the potato’s darkness? Do they unsettle your understanding of the potato? Were your opinions of potatoes pre-settled before we began this journey? If so, why did you assume to know the potato? If not, why did you not ponder the potato previously? Can you find meaning in these questions? Do questions constitute a blog post? Is a blog post art? Is the potato art? Is there real meaning within the rooted core of the potato? Or are potatoes meaningless?

Do you believe in the potato? Show me.

If you’ve got potatoes you want me to look at, email them to benandsiyablog@gmail.com.

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