Watch This Bro Get Shamefully Shoved To The No-Flex-Zone By Lady Lumps

The timing of the song and announcer are as brutal as Brutus in this public brossassination. “BOW in the presence of greatness” right as the young lady takes-it-off… his ego that is.

When you start working out, you might see some improvements you’re proud of. That’s good, that’s GREAT! KEEP GOIN! But, word of advise – don’t get gassed up by the Flex Cam (that’s a thing apparently). Hogan Knows Best, not you.

Bruh-bruh, that pose looks WAY better in the mirror. Keep it there, for now. No judgement from this African, but know ya role, stay in ya lane. Otherwise you might get EXTRA in public, then your ego gets to join your gains in the NO FLEX… ZONE. YOU KNOW BETTER!


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