Bar Fight: Kendrick Lamar Vs. 2 Chainz

Let’s explore lines that show the prowess and word-play of two microphone checkers in the debut line for line clash we’re calling, BAR FIGHT.  They’re sudden, they hardly make sense, but when it’s on, just get out of the way and tell us who you think won after the nonsense settles: In one corner, hailing from the mAAd City of Compton, California, standing at 5 Foot somethin, and balling so hard that he has a Swimming Pool full of liquor, is none other than KENDRICK LAMAR! In the other corner, hailing from the unofficial ‘home of the strip clubs’ Atlanta, Georgia, standing at 6 Foot tall as phuck, and like a modern day honest Abe Lincoln proclaiming to tell NO LIES, is host of GQ’s “Most Expensivest $hit”, 2 CHAINZ! NOW THE LINES:


K.Dot is bashing the metaphorical idea that pussy costs money, but dick is free (guys have to spend money to get a girl’s attention, but girls just has to be available to get a man).  In his metaphor, America’s the bad-bitch who’s stunning in public, and he (as a black man) is being asked to give up the goods for pennies on the dollar – so to speak. His worth has value, and will not be pimped loosely  #PunIntended (because his album title is “To Pimp a Butterfly”…aaanywho).

I wish a nigga would/wood like a kitchen cabinet

Tity Boi is so prepared for the drama, that he hopes you will try him – so he can open up a can of whoopass. The can would presumably be found in the aforementioned kitchen cabinet he so eloquently referenced in that lazy word play from the similarity in sounds of “would” and “wood”. The takeaway here is 2 Chainz appreciation for fine furnishings. SO…. who won the bar fight?

[Siya’s Pick: K. Dot’s stanza packs a punch in expectations, but in the spirit of a bar FIGHT; I gotta go with Tity 2 Chainz in this bout. Both are some quotables that I abuse in regular life, but nothin’ says I’m ready for that action AND I know my way around the kitchen like droppin’ the 2 Chainz line mid-argument.]

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