Watch Silverback Gorilla Put “Shatterproof” Glass To The Test

I’ve seen silverback-gorillas in a zoo. They were in a DEN. Where was I, you ask in that smart-ass racist-jocular tone? I was standing atop a 20 foot wall with a moat at the base, because PHUCK THAT!

Never mind my relentless warnings of the coming ANIMAL uprising planet, but one OF gorillas, BY gorillas? Folks, that’s closer than you may think. You’ve seen that animals are hard at work upping their defenses, and making serious advances in their counter-intelligence and espionage, but THIS? We humans named that “SHATTERPROOF” glass for a reason. The last time I saw an animal put that to test was on the 3rd floor of the Zoology Building in the university town I grew up,  a 5 foot puff-adder on the other side of the shatterproof glass.

Side-note: Why was I, at the age of 11, trusted with unlimited and unsupervised access to the snake that kills more Africans than all others combined?

I shouldn’t need to draw lines connecting loose ends on a chalkboard here for you, people. You’re smarter than that, that’s why you check this blog daily, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.  But, you put all these forces together. Add the fact that gorillas (who are supposed to be in our homo family) may be forming alliances in the animal kingdom that puts their advanced craniums, and opposible thumbs to use in UTILIZING TOOLS, in the wrong paws. Folks, you know in your gut what this means for us as humans. Will you stand by and do nothing, or will you take your habitat back?

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