Potato Of The Day Episode 15

picklePreposterous! Posted picture purposefully providing pickle. Pickle! Particular post proclaims “potato”. POTATO. Pickled potatoes perhaps providing perplex puzzlement. Per-contra pickled potatoes persisting purely places phantasmal. PURELY. PHANTASMAL. Per post proclamation plus picture… PERJURY.

Pickle picture provides parody, pretense parlaying persiflage. PLEASE. People peeping picture presume photo prevarication. PATHETIC. Pickle photo precludes persistent production, passing passivity, perceptibility paralysis. PISS.

Please, please, please, produce potato photos. Pickles provide pratfall. Pickles provide put-downs. Pickles provide purgatory.

Potatoes provided pleasure. Potatoes provided prosperity. Potatoes provided paradise.

POTATO per present point! POTATO.


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