FYFriday: Wash – “Can’t Trust THOTS” (Ft. French Montana)

Couple Things:

1. IT’S FRIDAY! So here’s some guidelines on an popular, but elusive term and breed out there. Wanna avoid them? Wanna be one with class? Is that even possible? Want some? Let’s cover the bases. The unofficial definition of the internet created-term is THOT “That Heaux Over There“. Plural = “thots“. Sentence = “You’re gonna spend all your money buying thots drinks, huh? Sucka!

2. According this song, (presumably should you have an after-party with one or more present), you MUST (i) Take their phone and ID, otherwise you’ll end up on blast on their Instagram [not sure why the ID’s relevant there, but not my song] (ii) Beware of the sleepy-selfie (iii) Have plenty bottles on deck, tis what they feed upon.

3. Can we all agree that this tempo for songs is lazy, PLAYED OUT (therefore needs to be PHASED out, BEN).  Jay made the declaration with another fad/crutch a few years back. Since Tyga’s “Rack City“, its been the same “Loyal” chords and drum arrangements through Big Sean’s latest Anti-You jam. Please “Show Me” something different for the crowd, “Don’t Tell Em” its new because its NOT. It’s the THOT of sounds right now.


3 thoughts on “FYFriday: Wash – “Can’t Trust THOTS” (Ft. French Montana)

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