Watch This Confetti-Bombin Femen Bitty Crash A ECB Press Conference

Activism has taken many meaningful forms from our youths yearning for their voices to be heard. From the Chinese youngsters taking a stand on the world-stage, to the tech-savvy Middle Eastern masses of the Arab Spring.  But every now and then some jack-ass believes they’re beyond reproach or disgrace and just GOES FOR IT in a nonsensical tirade with no real objective in site!  They either quickly realize their miscalculation and duck tazers, or double down like thiiis basic-bish attempting a one-person chant. That said, here are some pointers if you must crash a press-op.

Tips On Better Protest:
1. Have a crew (minimum 3). That “End ECB Dictatorship” chant was the saddest part of that footage.

2. Phuck Confetti! Use a glitter-bomb! Have you never been in an art-class, and had your entire day badazzled as a result? Glitter’s way worse! Gotta be smarter than that! That guy Harlem-Shook that confetti off in less than five seconds and was back to business. YOU FAILED. There’s even streamlined services for that kinda attack now!

3.   This almost reminds me of that journalist in Iraq who threw his shoes at then President Bush. Remember that freedom-fighter? He was hoot (probly got hung for it, because Baghdad don’t play that $hit).

Femen Confetti Bomb ECB Pres


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