Top 10 Best/Worst Meme Reactions To Aaron Hernandez Guilty Verdict

Full Disclosure: As a New England Patriots fan, I stayed fairly ignorant of the details of the curious case of Aaron Hernandez. I was a lot more concerned about how it affects my team’s Super Bowl chances than, you know…murder. Frankly, after the year of scandals and nonsense the NFL had in 2014 – I became numb to the bull$hit. So much so, that I only learned this last week, when the guilty verdict was announced, that this monster also had a DOUBLE HOMICIDE on his rap-sheet. He also shot a friend in the face, while riding on the highway, after an altercation in a Florida strip-club. Some of these could be explained by a rough-upbringing in a gang-infested environment, but this nucca KILT somebody (allegedly several)… WHILE IN THE NFL! I’m not talking ‘drunk-driving-accidental kill‘… I’m talkin pre-meditated, hide the weapon after, then party with a clear conscious murder. WHAT TYPE OF $HIT? HOW did he get in the NFL and in such close proximity to Tom Brady all these years!?!?

Well, the internet doesn’t leave much room for this type of reflection. Only shock-value, no-chill, undeniably hilarious (but downright childish),  and super-insensitive memes.  Without further adieu, here’s the Top 10:

aaron killer in new england

Some lighthearted murder wordplay. Dammit, I did it again.

aaron hernandez wide receiver

Some wordplay predicting Aaron getting the raw end of the stick in jail. But he’s NOT leaving… like EVER. He’s getting life – no parole.

aaron gronkowski gronk jail

No, Gronk. You’ll be fine. *sigh* Internet, just because Gronk is the king of the bros, doesn’t mean he’s a dumbass! On second thought, its a fun ongoing caricature shtick. Carry on.

aaron gets ring not cowboys

The internet loves hating on the Cowboys for some reason! I don’t get it, its popular to hate winners, like my Patriots.

aaron hernandez madden ea sports

Its all fun and games until – actually never mind, its far past fun and games for this fella.  Who takes time to design these? BEN?  [Ben Note: My terrible Photoshop jobs are wayyyy better than that.  Step the fuck up on that feather blending there meme-makers.]

aaron nfl in general

As I mentioned before, the NFL had some PR issues in the last year.

aaron 2 more murder trials

By the way, did I also mentioned this ass-hat killed TWO other people he has yet to face trial for? Kudos to whoever created this insurance-based-meme though. That’s kinda clever. Killer-joke. Sorry.

aaron internet hates cowboys

This had NOTHING to do with Aaron. People just HATE the cowboys and they find every football related opportunity to let that be known.

aaron life cereal

NOT the breakfast of Super Bowl champions.

aaron ojs gloves

Really, Internet? Isn’t this joke a lil’ played out? If the comparison don’t fit…

aaron rick james

I’m done witch’all. You all need to go to church.


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