Throwback Thursday: Damian Marley – “There For You”

In light of the saddening, widely publicized xenophobic happenings in my home country of South Africa, this tune comes to mind.  Will elaborate on this, plausible causes, and underlying unchecked issues. #AfricaMustWakeUp #DistantRelatives

Standout Line: “Good deeds aren’t remembered in the hearts of men


Potato Of The Day Episode 14

stupidchipThis is how I feel. Guys, my drug-driven drama from yesterday has drained me. I’ve got nothing. I’m dead, dormant, done for. Look at that chip. That chip is me. I’ve been sliced open, thrown into fire, and left to dry. I was once something beautiful. I was once a potato! But now…  Now, I’m a chip.

I’ve been left fragile. If you poked me, I’d crack, crumbling into a mess of meaningless powder. I’m alone. Do you know what a chip is when it’s alone? NOT VERY FULFILLING. I’m so dry. Yet, I’m so greasy. What’s happening to me? OUR POOR FUCKING POTATO CHIPS ARE ALWAYS HUNGOVER.

The worst part about this whole thing? I’m no longer fresh. This all used to be so cool, so fucking edgy, so novel. But now it’s worn out. Now I’m… PROCESSED. I don’t have the energy to even keep this up you guys. You might as well just brush me off into the trash.

Keep your potatoes off drugs you guys.  Don’t let them become a burnt-out chip like me.

Top 10 Best/Worst Meme Reactions To Aaron Hernandez Guilty Verdict

Full Disclosure: As a New England Patriots fan, I stayed fairly ignorant of the details of the curious case of Aaron Hernandez. I was a lot more concerned about how it affects my team’s Super Bowl chances than, you know…murder. Frankly, after the year of scandals and nonsense the NFL had in 2014 – I became numb to the bull$hit. So much so, that I only learned this last week, when the guilty verdict was announced, that this monster also had a DOUBLE HOMICIDE on his rap-sheet. He also shot a friend in the face, while riding on the highway, after an altercation in a Florida strip-club. Some of these could be explained by a rough-upbringing in a gang-infested environment, but this nucca KILT somebody (allegedly several)… WHILE IN THE NFL! I’m not talking ‘drunk-driving-accidental kill‘… I’m talkin pre-meditated, hide the weapon after, then party with a clear conscious murder. WHAT TYPE OF $HIT? HOW did he get in the NFL and in such close proximity to Tom Brady all these years!?!?

Well, the internet doesn’t leave much room for this type of reflection. Only shock-value, no-chill, undeniably hilarious (but downright childish),  and super-insensitive memes.  Without further adieu, here’s the Top 10: Continue reading Top 10 Best/Worst Meme Reactions To Aaron Hernandez Guilty Verdict

Watch This Confetti-Bombin Femen Bitty Crash A ECB Press Conference

Activism has taken many meaningful forms from our youths yearning for their voices to be heard. From the Chinese youngsters taking a stand on the world-stage, to the tech-savvy Middle Eastern masses of the Arab Spring.  But every now and then some jack-ass believes they’re beyond reproach or disgrace and just GOES FOR IT in a nonsensical tirade with no real objective in site!  They either quickly realize their miscalculation and duck tazers, or double down like thiiis basic-bish attempting a one-person chant. That said, here are some pointers if you must crash a press-op.

Tips On Better Protest:
1. Have a crew (minimum 3). That “End ECB Dictatorship” chant was the saddest part of that footage.

2. Phuck Confetti! Use a glitter-bomb! Have you never been in an art-class, and had your entire day badazzled as a result? Glitter’s way worse! Gotta be smarter than that! That guy Harlem-Shook that confetti off in less than five seconds and was back to business. YOU FAILED. There’s even streamlined services for that kinda attack now!

3.   This almost reminds me of that journalist in Iraq who threw his shoes at then President Bush. Remember that freedom-fighter? He was hoot (probly got hung for it, because Baghdad don’t play that $hit).

Femen Confetti Bomb ECB Pres