Russell Westbrook Is A Human Yin-Yang


Just like has been all season, Russell Westbrook put on a show yesterday.  Just like it has been all season, that show was equal parts terrible and breathtaking.  Russell Westbrook is a basketball paradox.  Russell Westbrook is both parts of one whole.  Russell Westbrook is a yin-yang.  Need proof?  Let’s break it down below.

Yin – 43 Shots.  FORTY THREE SHOTS.  That’s the eighth most shots attempted in a game in the last 30 years.  There are only three other people on that list.  Michael Jordan.  Sure, why not.  Kobe Bryant.  Sure, why not.  …and Chris Webber?  Sure?  Why…?  ANYWAY, SHOOTING THAT MANY TIMES IS RIDICULOUS.
Russell is a black hole.  Russell is gravity.  Russell is a singularity.

Yang – 54 points. Which I mean, holy shit!  THAT’S A LOT OF POINTS.  That’s the third most in a game this season! You know who hasn’t scored that many points this year?  The two other MVP candidates, James Harden and Steph Curry.  Neither have the last two MVPs, LeBron James and Kevin Durant (FOR GOD’S SAKE HEAL MAN.  WE NEED YOU BACK IN OUR LIVES).  So 54 points is kind of a big deal.
Russell is a gift.  Russell is talent.  Russell is special.

Yin – The Thunder lost.  So that means all of that was for NOTHING.  It’s all meaningless waste to be discarded into recycled box scores.  I weep for Russell.  Your work is NOTHING.  You are NOTHING.  You are LOSS.
Russell is tears.  Russell is pain.  Russell is wasted energy.

Yang – The Thunder live.  There are two games left in the NBA season and the Thunder are tied for the last playoff spot.  So Russell will ride again.  Russell lives and therefore the Thunder live.  THEY CAN STILL DO THIS.
Russell is LIFE.  Russell is hope.  Russell is an endless dream.

Yin – Westbrook was suspended.  Yesterday Russell received his 16th technical foul meaning he’ll be suspended for one of the Thunder’s final two remaining games.  This is bad news for the Thunder.  The Thunder are a heart and Westbrook is the blood. Westbrook cannot give blood from the bench. YOU CANNOT WIN IF YOU DON’T PLAY.
Russell is disappointment.  Russell is hate.  Russell is death.

Yang – Westbrook was unsuspended.  The NBA announced today that Westbrook’s technical foul from yesterday would be rescinded.  Meaning, Russell will get to play in the Thunder’s last two critical games. MEANING WE GET TO WATCH MORE RUSSELL WESTBROOK.
Russell is willpower.  Russell is rebirth.  Russell is a phoenix.

In summary, Russell Westbrook is chaos and peace.  Russell Westbrook is the ground and the sky.  Russell Westbrook is nothing and Russell Westbrook is everything.  Russell Westbrook is not the MVP.  Russell Westbrook is the MVP.  And on and on and on into infinity.


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