Monday Mood: Action Bronson – “City Boy Blues” (Ft. Chauncey Sherod)

I tried to hate this guy. White-washing Ghostface Killah, much? ‘Great, you’re a fat chef who loves Baklavas going by the moniker “Bam Bam”. Sweet gimmick, bro! FOH.’ I managed to completely avoid his music, until somebody suggested Action Bronson is to New York what Kendrick Lamar is to L.A. “BULL$HIT!“, I thought – and still do. But, after passively playing his debut “Sincerely, Mr. Wonderful”, I had to double back. Still not ready for the comparison to K.Dot, but after Kendrick’s TPAB, This is the most unique, authentic, and generally BEST Rap album in 2015 so far.

No two tracks sound the same, and it somehow makes sense in displaying what an open-mic/jazz-night would sound like in a Queens or Harlem dive-bar on any given Thursday.


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