Watch Cat Caught Barking Quickly Switch To Meowing

I saw a sign once somewhere that read “BEWARE OF DOG, the Cat is shady af also“.  Folks, that warning should be posted on the minds of every man, woman, and child. We can no longer afford to consider these “isolated incidences” of “unfair discrimination” against bad apples in the animal kingdom. We can’t continue making excuses for them as “alley cats” who were raised without a litter-box to piss in, so they picked up bad habits along the stray way. Delusional pet-lovers and the Animal Planet crowd would like you to believe they’ll change once you slide them a plate of milk. But they won’t! Next they’ll be wrangling your hard-earned yarn, and convincing Catzis like Dr. Brunt overheard here to give them free Vet-Care for every hairball they inflict upon themselves!

Like last week’s pheasant, this cat phucked up! We now know cats can assume fake identities, ON PURPOSE.  Think about that. How could you trust that cat on your lap after watching that disturbing footage? How could you let your children pet it? What does that say about you?

Animals are all still clumsy, but not for long. It won’t happen overnight, folks. But, with cats like these roaming the window seals, you can be damn sure the cat-led animal uprising is no longer some distant nightmare. It’s as real as the claws hiding in those pussy paws. Take your couches back, people!


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