TBT: Timbaland – “Apologize” (Ft. One Republic, SOMEHOW)

Couple Things:

1. Shouldn’t this be FEATURING TIMBALAND? I never got that kind of track-listing. It’s like all those DJ Khaled summer-anthems that were somehow “featuring” T-Pain, Drake, or whoever the hook-maestro of that month is. Timbaland only produces this. NOTHING ELSE. With this logic, should Thriller be Quincy Jones (FEATURING MICHAEL JACKSON)?

2. Is One Republic still poppin’ outchere, or did the fans go One Direction?

3. Ben, that couple sent YOU an invite. Out of all the people they could have wasted a timeless forever stamp on, they sent it to YOU. At the very least, send them a damn Thank You Card, YOU NEANDERTHAL.  The invite to this digital pity-party of yours? I’ll “Decline with Regret”, because its… far past the time to say sorry (there’s gotta be a better way to say that).


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