Turnip Tuesday Tune: Calvin Harris – “5 AM” (Ft. Tinashe)


Three things that we’ll never know:

1. Why Scottish DJ and hitmaker Calvin Harris didn’t just go with his birth name “Adam Wiles”. That’s RIFE for puns. “He’s Wildin”… “Wiley Remixes”… his tour could be the “Wile-Din” Tour (a party followed by an exclusiveDINner with a few select fans) THAT WAS ALL JUST OFF THE TOP!

2 (on). Why Tinashe doesn’t just take this sultry electro-guitar fusion island-riddim to launch the campaign for her sophomore album. Strike while the iron’s hot, baby-girl! Rumor has it this was a demo for Rihanna’s 8th album, currently in roll-out mode. Titi! You are no longer a studio-singer. Riri is competition now! Give this twerk-tune to the world yourself!

3. Who is dancing with Turn-up-Turnip in that picture. Seriously! Who’s at that party? Is he solo dolo? Is he really a sad and lonely Turnip compensating with grand public gestures? Is he partying with any of Ben’s Potatoes? Is he just a Turnip lost in a human world? Pray for the Turnip, if not – TURN UP!


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