Hey Kids, It’s Akon Quiz Time!

While writing about Tupac yesterday, I got to thinking about other deceased musicians who haven’t released music in a while,  like Akon.  [Siya Note:  Akon isn’t dead, Ben.]  [Ben Note: Wait, what?  He’s really not dead?] [Siya Note: Nope, definitely not dead.] [Ben Note: Crap. I need to start over.]  Smack Scratch that.

Remember Akon?  Come on!  I know you remember Akon.  He had some huge hits.  Did you know that Akon isn’t dead? I just learned that while writing this!  Did you know that Akon is releasing a new music?  Seriously!  He’s making a five (FIVE) part album called Stadium, covering musical genres from all across the world.  That’s a lot of new hypothetical music!  One has to wonder if anyone will care at this point though.  I mean, I literally thought he was dead!  I’m not sure I even remember what he looks like.  Do you remember what he looks like?

To test whether or not you remember what Akon looks like, I’ve created a short quiz.  Do you think you can pick out a picture of Akon from this collage of homonyms?  If you get stuck, be sure to check the answer key below!


Answer Key:
A – This is the city of Akron, which is not the same as the very-much-alive musician Akon.  They are both proper nouns though, so that’s neat!
B – This is an acorn, which is not the same as the very-much-alive musician Akon.  Squirrels eat acorns.  I’m not sure if a squirrel would eat Akon.
C – This is Akon!  He’s alive! If you picked this answer, congrats!  You can continue to use the 100 emoji as normal.


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