Tupac To Release New Album, Haunt Rundown Motel

Earlier this week news broke that hardworking ghost Tupac Shakur is preparing to release new music.  It’s still a little unclear what form the poltergeist’s project will take, but I’m assuming it’ll be a new album.  Meaning, despite the fact Tupac has been dead for 19ish years, he’ll have released SIX more albums in the time that’s passed since we last had a new Dr. Dre album.  Tupac is literally the hardest manes in the game (Mythology joke. Get on my level).

Look, I was only seven when Tupac was shot, so I really can’t speak to how the world was different with him being corporeal vs his current incorporeal state.  Hell, you shouldn’t even trust my take on his music – at that age I was listening to the rap equivalent of flaming garbage.  That being said, I am an admitted phantom Pac fan, and am completely excited about the upcoming release. I stand by his posthumous music.  He’s dropped some of his dopest tracks from beyond the grave, ranging from the introspectively spiritual, to the eerily prescient, and the hard as all hell.

Still, it seems like Pac should consider settling down and start doing standard specter shit.  Take over a rundown motel.  Chill in graveyards at midnight.  Hit up the church and/or insane asylum circuit.  Whatever it is that the ethereal are doing these days.  It seems unfair for the afterlife to be spent working.  Do what you love sure, but it’s okay to retire too, dude.  You’ve earned it.  Rest in peace.


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